Mantoco helps the children of this world

Dear Friends of MANTOCO,

thank you all very much for your interest and for visiting our site!

We as well as all of you who are reading these lines were born on the sunny side of life. We live in a world of abundance and do enjoy full supply satisfying all of our daily needs. Our refrigerators are always filled and in case we need anything we take our cars and go to the nearest supermarket to buy what we need according to our budget. We have accident and health insurance, pension plans, insurance in case of unemployment and disability and life insurance packages. Our children can live a carefree, sheltered and happy life.

However, way too many children in this world are struggling literally to survive each day. Insufficient supply, many diseases and a lack of education do not leave them with the slightest chance to design their own life.

Here, all of us together are able to create some remedy for the children.

On our life's tour around the world we would like to make the lives of these children a little brighter. We would like to raise money for toys and school supplies. We will purchase these things locally and distribute them in person so that nobody can get rich on your donation.


Please know that the majority of the money we collect will be used by us collaborating with 100% reliable partners around the world for highly effective projects for the children. It is important to us to accompany and document each activity in person, so that you will always be fully informed about what your donation is being used for. We do not charge any administration fees nor do we need to pay freight and most of all we do never bribe anyone. Thus we guarantee that at the end each cent you give will arrive where it is most needed.

So, please help a child abroad today by making a donation to:


DKB, Thomas Lehn, BLZ 120 30 000, Konto 1036343075


IBAN: DE87 1203 0000 1036 3430 75



a smiling for your donation...


At this point we would also like to point out other very effective private aid initiatives. We will continuously check and evaluate other organisations and link them to our website, because we would like to guarantee that 100% of your donations will be arriving at the places where they are most needed. Four of these organisations we do know personally and recommend without any hesitation:  - Please contact  Inge Epp   - Please contact  Sabine Norkauer         - Please contact  Kurt Koch          - Please contact  Amelie von Borries 


It is our goal to make the lives of poor children a bit brighter and worth living. By combining our efforts, we can make a difference!

In the name of the children we appreciate your donations.

Thanks a lot for your support!

With warmest regards,

Conny & Tommy



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