Hi, my name is Manfred from "MANtoco" but my two friends call me “Manny”. And I really prefer my nickname.


People say that I am the best chassis truck for the global traveller and you can bet I am quite proud about that! Early on I was a bit jealous about my more modern brothers with all their fancy equipment, their powerful engines and their colourful electronic gadgets. But when I learnt that such a “board computer system” is really able to stop the whole truck from functioning, and for example leave its passengers somewhere lost and going crazy in the middle of the Sahara, on the “Altiplano” in South America or even in the rainforest then I was very glad not to have fallen for the newest fashion stuff.


I have the power of 220 horses and I think that should be quite sufficient. There are three barriers supporting me on difficult passages and I am already famous for my reliability. I hope to never disappoint my two travel companions.

In my past life I have already shortly been to Tunisia and Libya and therefore I know a bit what my future will look like and what will be expected from me.

The most beautiful accessory I own is definitely my backpack J My two friends also call it “the body” or cabin, because this is the place where they want to sleep and live in the future. Well, it is made by “Actionmobil” and they really know their business. It is a high quality brand and that’s why it fulfils all the requirements my two co-travellers have had in mind. Thus, my body fits perfectly to my chassis.


Now, the three of us are really looking forward to our future life out there, to our adventures in Africa and Asia, North and South America and of course also in Australia. And if Conny and Tommy will fly back to their old home Germany in between our trips, then I will wait very well taken care of in a safe place until they come back to me (because I am their new home). And our exciting nomad life will continue and we will go to all of the most wonderful places on our earth…  what a dream!